Nvidia Announces Nforce Pro For Opteron

Nvidia and AMD, so happy together! Yes folks, Extreme Tech is reporting that Nvidia has been shipping the Nforce Professional chipset in order to give PCI Express functionality to the AMD Opteron users. This is not only a bit overdue, but surprising received little press that I know of anyway!

Nvidia Corp. said it has begun shipping Nforce Professional, a chipset that brings PCI Express functionality to the AMD Opteron market.

The chipset, which consists of the nForce Professional 2200 and the 2050 Media Control Processor, is shipping now as part of motherboards from iWill and Tyan, Nvidia said.

Designed for workstations and servers, the Nvidia chipset addresses a key weakness in the Opteron line the lack of PCI Express functionality, which is being used for high-end graphics cards used for visualization and other tasks. Rival Intel now ships PCI Express-based chipsets across almost all of its product lines, but chipset makers Via Technologies and SIS have yet to offer PCI Express-based chipsets for the Opteron market. Via offers the K8T890 line for Athlon 64-based boards.

The Nforce Professional 2200 also includes a 3-Gbit/s SATA connection plus Native Command Queuing, the next step in the evolution of the SATA platform. Drives using this technology have yet to ship, however. The chipset also includes a Gigabit Ethernet link with the ability to offload the TCP/IP address requests, freeing the host CPU from the additional processing workload.

Because the Nforce Professional 2200 chipset uses HyperTransport, a number of chips can be concurrently connected to provide multiprocessor functionality.