Another LCD-less MP3 Player Shuffles for the Kiddies

While Apple is basking in the sun with their success of the iPod shuffle, it seems there is a Japanese company that has also put a face on an MP3 player of their own. I’m sure many of you techno-geeks out there are familiar with the number one cat brand imported from the land of the Rising Sun and that brand would be none other then Hello Kitty. Yes, the cat’s out of the bag and she now has her own MP3 player.

Ala iPod shuffle, there is no LCD screen and you connect it via USB to grab your tunes. But I must say, the button configuration is a bit more, well, cute then the iPod shuffle. This will surely burn many holes in parents pockets as their little girls meow at the discovery of this new MP3 player sitting on the shelves of the mass amount of Hello Kitty stores in malls across America this year. Great, now I have to avoid Build-a-Bear and Hello Kitty every time we go to the mall with my girl!