Nothing like telling your customers that you can offer them something ‘royalty free’. While most things in life these days don’t seem to be able to offer this sort of thing, it is nice to see something RSS related like osGator served right up for us without any ‘extra excuses’. osGator is designed to offer an RSS aggregation alternative to other setups designed to do the same; but for a price.

osGator is a free RSS feed reader (aggregator) component for .NET developers ľoptimized for search engine optimization (SEO). Designed for web developers to easily build RSS aggregator capabilities into their customer’s websites royalty free.

* Feed data is returned as an IEnumerable object so search engine optimizations (SEO) may be added to text before display.
* Packaged as a .NET 1.1 class assembly.
* Support for all versions of RSS (from 0.91 to 2.0).
* ATOM 0.3 support (coming soon).
* Automatic discovery of RSS feeds on a site (coming soon).
* Local feed caching (coming soon).
* Bandwidth conservation (coming soon).