The G5 PowerBook and It’s Hold Up

Where is it? Where is the chip that was introduced nearly two years ago for the sleekest and sweetest tower in the industry? Where is the G5 PowerBook, Apple? My guess, locked in a dark lab off of Stevens Creek Blvd. in Cupertino where Apple is headquartered. Maybe near Whole Foods like the original Mac office was. Either way, it’s never going to see the light of day in it’s current state. Why? Too heavy. Too hot. Too big. Too power hungry. All requirements that bone well with PC’s, such as Dell’s, but not with Apple. Nope, just ain’t going to happen.

There’ll be an iPod video out before Steve Jobs let’s this happen!

See the problem is IBM, not Apple. Big Blue is the source of the G5, or by it’s true name the PowerPC 970FX. The thing is, to gain the speed they do from the PowerPC chip come lots of ill effects. These problems are the immense heat (wonder why G5 towers have amazing air flow?), power consumption, and they’re freakin’ restaurant style tortilla sized chips. They’re BIG! Intel had similar problems with the Pentium 4 and thus invented the Pentium 4 Mobile to help with these issues. While not fully resolved, they are an improvement to their desktop brother. Apple of course wants all or nothing. They want the only way for some one to know that there is a G5 chip in a PowerBook is by going to About this Mac in the Finder. No queues from the physical unit itself.

c|net has a pretty good indepth article about this entire issue with commentary from many Mac industry folks. The insights are good and the explanations spot on. I fully agree with those in the article that Apple is doing the correct thing by waiting on IBM to better the chip for mobile installations. I think getting it right the first time is a trademark of Apple and to succumb to public pressure for a G5 chip now would only harm them in the end. With a history of hardware failures due to rushing a product to market, I don’t want to see my beloved Apple rot because of one worm.