You mean I have to pay for it too?

Welcome to Just Ask Matt! Today, Sam writes:

Dear Matt, I had to reinstall Windows XP onto my computer after a virus. The problem is that it is asking me for the license code. Since I am borrowing this from my brother’s girlfriend, I don’t access to this information. What can I do to get around this?

Sam, I am going to presume you are unfamiliar with the Windows XP licensing requirements here. With this operating system, you are given a single product key for each copy of Windows you own (home users, anyway).

Since this copy of Windows was already licensed for your ‘brother’s girlfriend’, you really need to purchase a new copy of the OS from your local computer outlet rather than trying to get around the security Microsoft has put into place.

I realize this must seem like a bummer, but rules are rules. I can not tell you how to get around this. I am sorry. Besides, you will sleep better knowing you bought a legal copy for yourself anyway! ;o)

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