Demographics And Your Certification Choices

Do demographics have an impact on the certifications you choose? Absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt they do. When you’re deciding what certifications you want to obtain, you should take a look at what is in demand in your area, especially if you have no plans to relocate.

I have known a handful of people over the years that have obtained some very high level certifications. However, there was no real demand for them in the city they lived in. Most of them have had to move into different fields and a few chose to relocate.

Before you jump in and start spending a lot of money on a specific certification, do your research and find out what is in demand. Since the job market in the IT industry has become more and more competitive, you obviously want to make yourself as employable as possible. This includes getting certified in the right areas. For example, if there is little demand in your area for Cisco certifications, but a high demand for individuals with security related certifications, you know which path you should focus on.

You can easily find out by taking a look at the classified ads for your region and see what certifications companies are looking for in job candidates. Or, if you know anyone who has been working in the IT industry for a few years, consider asking them for their opinion. These people can often offer some valuable insight into where things are currently at and how they may change in the near future.