Mindspeed Releases Broadband Firmware

See, even the big boys of the networking world release firmware updates when the need presents itself. One such example would be with Mindspeed and their latest firmware release for their TSP3 access network processors. While there was not a lot of ‘media noise’ about this release, it does go to show that Mindspeed is staying on the ball.

I wonder. What other larger than life hardware out there is being neglected as firmware releases lay in wait? I’ll tell ya, it sure would be great to have a way of keeping up with all of this sort of stuff. Too bad there is not some big database that could alert us to this sort of thing with minimal effort.

Newport Beach-based Mindspeed announced this morning that it has released new firmware for its TSP3 access network processors which provide access aggregation, protocol intenetworking, IP multicasting, and quality of service for data communications equipment. The new BroadbandMaker firmware provides building blocks for manufacturers looking to support these various services in their network equipment.