Torvalds Slams Microsoft in War over Software Patents

Looks like the shoe has finally landed on the other foot. Microsoft was the recipient of an attack by Linus Torvalds. From what I am reading at NewsFactor, Torvalds pushed forward with a ‘war of words’ aimed at Microsoft as well as issue with software patents.

The war of words between MicrosoftRelevant Products/Services from Microsoft and the open source Latest News about open source movement heated up this week as Linux Latest News about Linux founder Linus Torvalds led an attack on software patents.

In a panel discussion at a Linux summit in California, Torvalds said software patents were a problem for the open source movement. Mitchell Kapor, chairman of the Mozilla foundation, warned that Microsoft could use patent lawsuits in the future.

Linux is a freely available alternative to Microsoft’s Windows. It relies on a community of programmers for its development and is based on open source principles, which allow others to use and modify it without having to pay license fees.

The attack on software patents comes at a time when IBM Latest News about IBM has made 500 of its patents freely available. Other companies are expected to follow suit.

There are between 150,000 and 300,000 registered software patents in the U.S. and open source developers argue that many should never have been granted.