The Moment of Silence Goes Gold

The Adventure Company announced that their adventure title The Moment of Silence has reached gold status. The game is set to ship to retail outlets on Feb. 23. The House of Tales developed title features 75 different locals and includes a cast of more that 35 true-to-life 3D characters. The game carries a Teen ESRB rating.

The Moment of Silence is set in New York City in 2044. Players step into the role of Peter Wright, an advertising executive currently heading up the Government’s ‘Freedom of Speech’ campaign. When a heavily armed SWAT team storms his neighbor’s apartment, Peter must uncover the truth behind his mysterious disappearance as he becomes drawn into the deceptive worlds of corruption and power.

The game marries fully-rendered, animated backdrops with a traditional and intuitive adventure interface, resulting in one of the best-looking examples of adventure gaming in today’s market. Real-world locations are mixed with fictitious environments to create immersive and incredibly varied worlds.

Visit the game’s official site for additional information, or to view media from the title.