Photo sharing has become such a big deal lately. People aren’t only uploading pictures of moments that have been captured in the past, either. Moblogging has allowed anyone with a camera phone to share what they’re experiencing with the world instantaneously. It’s a powerful tool that is only going to become more popular. When you think back to the beginning of this movement, Textamerica probably jumps to mind. They did great things for mobile photo sharing, but there’s always going to be competition. I’ve noticed a lot of people switching their collections to Flickr.

This service provides a substantial amount of functionality for anyone that is a lover of all things photographic. Upload your pictures from your computer or camera phone, label them appropriately, organize them into albums, and then share them with the public. Posting photos straight to your blog is simple enough, and RSS feeds allow the content to be pushed out even more efficiently. You may wish to keep certain photos private for yourself or family and friends, and Flickr helps to keep private photos safe from anonymous eyes. As you would expect, viewers can leave comments on pictures that they feel like responding to. I really like the tagging feature that allows you to categorize photos by subject, therefore making them much easier to find. Go create a free account to see what the Web is buzzing about.