Are MCSE/MCSA Boot Camps For Me?

Nope. I know myself well enough to say that a boot camp would not be my first choice if I was looking to get certified. Boot camps are designed to cram six months worth of knowledge into two short weeks. The schedule is hectic, free time is non-existent, and sleep deprivation is your only guarantee.

Why are boot camps not for me? For all the reasons I just listed. Each of the 14 days normally consists of 14 hours worth of instruction. After the first hour I would definitely be ready for a break, which I’m sure I wouldn’t get. So it is safe to say that everything after the first hour would go in one ear and out the other. The remaining ten hours can be used for studying and review of what was learned (or in my case, missed) during the day, which brings me to my next point.

I enjoy my free time throughout the day, and my quiet time during the evening where I can do what I please. In a boot camp environment, free time is non-existent. All your energy must be directed to studying and getting certified.

Finally, on the issue of sleep deprivation, I don’t function well, if I do at all, on little sleep and I find it hard to concentrate when I’m tired. If I factor in the irritability that tends to creep up when I’m sleep deprived, I pity the poor souls who would be sitting beside me.

Now I am not saying that boot camps are a bad way to go. I’m saying that they would be a bad thing for me. So you really need to take a look at yourself before you decide that this is the route you want to take. I was quite content taking a 6 month certification program.

However, I can see the benefit that boot camps offer to organizations wanting to get employees certified as quickly as possible. Send them away for 14 days and if all goes well, they will return certified. If you have the drive, determination, and stamina, then a boot camp may be a better choice for you than a program that spans a few months.