Subscription Music’s Curious Silence

There are some interesting implications about DRM and digital downloads in this article if you think about it…

“For Napster, these may be the best of times and the worst of times. The company finally unveiled Napster To Go, which allows subscribers to its streaming music service to put music on select portable digital music players. But not long after the service was introduced, Napster fell victim to a workaround that may threaten the company’s new subscription business model.

Napster now offers two music plans: Users can pay.99 cents to download a song, or for $9.95 per month, they can get streaming access to over 1,000,000 songs.

The workaround requires the Winamp player, changing its user setting, signing up for Napster’s free 14-day trial period, and then recording the Napster-provided music streams playing through your PC. It’s an updated — and higher quality — version of putting a tape recorder up to your speakers and recording songs off the FM dial.”

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