I like it because it’s shiny!

So, this is what gaming cases are coming to, eh? While I have to say this is the most gold I have ever seen on a case, I suppose that color aside it is pretty cool looking. Still, how well does the ASUS Vento 3600 keep cool? To discover this and other things about this case, check out the final verdict at ExtremeTech!

We originally spotted the bright red version of the ASUS Vento 3600 at a local system builder shop in Silicon Valley. Unlike most PC cases that try to be edgy, the Vento’s rounded lines seem more elegant. However, we’re the first to admit that the exterior appearances of PC cases are a matter of taste. What’s more important is what’s inside. Is the case easy to work with? Are the metal edges rolled so you don’t slice open a hand or finger? How difficult is it to install motherboard and storage devices? How is cooling handled?

We liked what we saw well enough that we requested a Vento 3600—and we specifically asked for the lime-green version. (Case externals are a matter of taste, remember?) We’ve seen lots of bright red and even blue cases, which are the other two colors available for the Vento. But metallic lime green isn’t something we see every day.