There You See It, And Now You Don't!

Welcome to Just Ask Matt! Today, Tom writes:

Matt, I am interested in experimenting with a hidden user account. I saw how to do it once on TechTV, but since G4 took over I haven’t been able to find the article. Do you know how to do this and can you help me?

Well Tom, it is actually not too hard to do, but it will require some registry editing. First, open up your registry editor from the RUN box by typing regedit. Then browse to this area in the registry hive:

Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\

From here, you will need to modify REG_DWORD [Dword Value] // Value Name: Name of account to be hidden with setting for Value Data: [0 = Account is Hidden / 1 = Enabled]

This may seem a little off, but once you get into the registry, you will see the appropriate areas that need to be edited. In reality this is not all that difficult, although it may seem a little convoluted when you first look at it.

When you want to access this account, just hit ctrl-alt del twice at the Welcome screen. Enter the account information and use the account. Hope this helps!

One word of caution here. You are editing the registry. This is a sensitive part of your settings that is quite easy to mess up. Backing up your settings with a system restore might be a good idea before getting started.

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