Exactly 2 Cents Worth

Some interesting thoughts on the Tablet PC and where it is headed. While most of us agree that it still has to find its niche, I feel that this device does in fact a future in the hands of people that can truly see the benefit of owning such a tool.

Some of you may be aware that I carry an M-audio Oxygen 8 MIDI keyboard with me when I’m on the road, and frequently spend evenings in my hotel room, composing music on my laptop. I just ran across this in the latest issue of WIRED Magazine, the Yamano Hand Roll Piano. It has 61 keys, an AC adapter, and built in speaker. Too cool!

I’m back from my writing session at the coffee shop, and just read through an e-mail from a friend in Scotland. He pointed me to After Podcasting…ANT!, a blog by Derek Wenmoth. He’s talking about a new RSS aggregator called ANT. It helps you to find Video blogs. It guess it was only a mater of time (like weeks).

8:15 AM
There is a very interesting discussion taking place on the TechCoor mailing list. Please are sharing their visions of what the high school classroom might look like in five or ten years. Some interesting suggestions, mostly organized around Wireless technologies and permanently mounted video projectors. Here is my 2˘ worth.