How to Kill Linux

I swear, this is almost freaky. At one point I had written an article that I never released as to what would happen if Microsoft decided to offer their own version of Linux. Then I came across this article from PCMag stating something very, very similar in subject and idea. Personally, I think it would be a smart move as it would only prove to grab a larger market share for Microsoft.

While chatting over dinner with the executives of a middleware company during the recent RSA conference for encryption and security in San Francisco, I heard about a secret project. It concerned the development of a version of Linux that runs smoothly as a task under Windows. The project was completed and then shelved. Whether it will ever reemerge is doubtful, but it does offer some interesting possibilities and hints as to what Microsoft may be up to with MS-Linux.

The immediate usefulness of Linux running under Windows is obvious. You can use all the Windows drivers for all the peripherals that don’t run under Linux. Drivers have always been an issue with Linux as PC users have gotten spoiled with Windows driver support. Today’s user wants to grab just about anything and not worry about installing it and making it work.