Why Is a Good Password Important? Ask Paris Hilton

I don’t know how many times I tell people, don’t use children’s names, birth dates, home addresses, or pet names for their passwords. But time and time again, I find friends and family doing this. They’re not alone in this, either. I’m sure everyone’s heard about Paris Hilton’s Sidekick II getting “hacked” and her address book and pictures were plastered on the Internet for all to see. (Sorry Stephen King for the constant calling, but I had to know why IT the mini-series had such a pathetic looking spider in the end!)

Many have asked, “How?” Well, first, T-Mobile hasn’t been doing the best to keep their network secure, ask the FBI. 🙂 Second, this time, it wasn’t really their fault. Seem’s Ms. Hilton desires not to toughen up her “Forgot Your Password” question. See the question is “What’s the name of your favorite pet?” and it’s a pretty well known fact just how much she loves her little pouch. So, with a little social hacking, someone figured it out and changed her password and and went to town. And even after the embarrassing pictures got out and Eminem threatened to write a song about killing her (just kidding, he reserves that art for his ex-wife only,) she still left it as was! T-Mobile finally changed it Tuesday. I won’t make a blond joke comment here. 🙂

Look people, if there’s anything you can learn from spoiled Hollywood elites, then this should be one of the largest lesson for you to take home this year: change your password and password hint to something hard! Don’t use the obvious and don’t use something that even close friends could figure out. Only you and maybe your spouse. That’s it! Now if you don’t care about your private life and are kind of excited about the idea of identity fraud happening to you, then by all means, don’t ruff it out with anything hard. But remember, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there!