Better Than Radio!

Last night I had a blast with Jake and Chris working the phones on THE CHRIS PIRILLO SHOW – who would have thunk it? Me answering the phones (er – phone) on a something like radio for the Internet show. I still like to call it Better Than Radio because, well… it is. Let’s go over the reasons why:

  1. You choose who to listen to.
  2. You choose when to listen to them.
  3. You take programs with you so you can listen to them wherever you want.
  4. You can choose to fast forward any commercials – although I haven’t heard any full-on commercials on any podcasts I’ve listened to. (I think some of the ad execs are getting that we don’t want to hear 2.2 minutes of them glorifying a product/business.)
  5. It’s more fun when it’s not too produced.

You may say – what? Radio offers those things. In my opinion, it doesn’t – at least not the way I listen to radio.

  1. I can choose who to listen to, but that’s tied ultimately to when I listen to the radio (usually only when I’m in the car, so I usually don’t get to pick who because of when).
  2. Hmmm, again – with radio, I usually don’t get to choose when to listen to who I like because it’s contingent on car time – which ends up usually being morning rush or evening rush (other than that, I usually get to where I need to go in ten minutes or so). Radio stations know that, and they ultimately pick who you listen to because of the when (statistically morning and evening rush).
  3. Yeah – I take it with me. Personally, I do like an FM tuner built into my mp3 player/device. (This is one reason I don’t have an iPod – I heard it has an extra piece for the tuner. Hmm, I think they’ve fixed that now, though. I should look that up before writing about it, but I’m not.)
  4. I just hate it when I get into the car for a short trip to the market and all I hear is stupid commercials. Ugh! Not one freakin’ song in my seven minute ride to Safeway… that is a problem.
  5. Is it just me? It’s not as funny when you hear the jokes on the radio if you know they have been fighting for weeks about what they can or can’t say. Come on, people – we are human. Let some of that be. If you have kids, don’t listen to grown-up morning shows with them in the car if you’re going to get mad at the adult talk. Or, give them an mp3 player of their own with “kid stuff” to listen to and quit barking about a DJ saying “&$#!” on the radio.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share my two cents. Even though I’m not a geek, I, too, like technology and I have my own ideas as to what is good and what is &$#! (Oops!)

Last night, I could see for the first time why podcasting (ugh, the name still irks me) is truly Better Than Radio.

It was cool to hear Steve Gillmor’s thoughts on what’s current and Sean Alexander’s view on what’s up in their neck of the woods at MS. I can’t say I wholly know these guys or why geeks love ’em, but I’m slowly learning.

I also had fun with the Gnomies in the chatroom being silly and looking at pics of Tom’s youngest blogging at five weeks old! Hee, hee, hee! What a cutie pie!

Next week should be even more fun! I’m hoping we’ll have most of the bugs fixed by then and I’ll be able to better articulate why I am listening to podcasts.