Firefox 1.0.1 out, squashes most security bugs

So they released a new version of Firefox! Cool, but have they addressed the PDF issue that many people have voiced concerns about? Not from what I am seeing which I have to say, is quite irritating. Regardless, they did make sure that there are needed patches for various security issues, and this is always a good thing.

Now, if the Mozilla crew would just do something to offer a ‘true export feature’ for Thunderbird’s mail and settings. Yes, there is still Mozbackup, but a lot of good this does me when going cross platform!

The first update to open-source browser Firefox is out. Released late yesterday, Firefox 1.0.1 aims to fix a slew of vulnerabilities. Foremost among those are domain-spoofing and cross-site scripting bugs. According to the Mozilla Foundation, 1.0.1’s release was pushed forward in order to take care of the International Domain Name bug. That particular bug results from Firefox’s implement of the IDN specification which allows the use of non-English characters in URL names. So substituting the “a” in with а will result in Firefox displaying “а” in the address bar, while directing users to an entirely different site. The IDN issue is not unique to Firefox, as it also affects Opera, Safari, and OmniWeb but not Internet Explorer.