Record Phone Calls with your PC

We amped up the geekitude on this week’s Chris Pirillo Show, adding live calls to our complex mix of audio routing. There’s nothing inherently complex about taking calls on the show; we’re doing it in an unusual way. In a traditional radio show environment, a block of phone lines would come into the radio studio and route through a call director system, which gives the radio personality control over which line to bring live on air. We’re using a VoIP solution to handle the calls, routing them through an Asterisk PBX to a software phone application running on a Windows box in the studio. In order to bring the caller’s voice into the show, we have to first re-route the normal audio signal path. Under no call conditions, we talk into the microphones, which pass through a mixing console into the PC that encodes the audio for the broadcast. To take live calls, we route the microphone through the mixer, out to a PC with the softphone application, bringing both the caller and Chris back to the mixer to route to the Internet. We’re relying on software to do many tasks normally slotted for dedicated hardware devices in the traditional radio environment.

While you may not be running a live call-in show, recording phone calls on your PC comes in handy at times. Several solutions exist for setting up call recording through your home PC. To decide which one might work best for your needs, read more about recording phone calls on your PC.