KDE 3.4 Screenshots

O’Reilly’s OSDir.com is hosting a series of KDE 3.4 screenshots taken from a Klax Live CD. There are 52 in all, so I think the reviewer went a little overboard. The first several really don’t tell you a whole lot.

I’m not generally a screenshot fanatic unless we’re talking about specific themes or single applications, but given some of the things the new release is expected to provide, I thought I’d take the time to surf through the screenshots. The first several indicate most of the changes are cosmetic, so you may want to take a peek at the thumbnails across the bottom and look for the parts that interest you.

If you’re a Konqueror fan, this screenshot will show you the new welcome screen and the address bar’s completion capabilities. There’s also a shot of Akregator, the KDE RSS feed reader, which presumably will be included in 3.4. The screenshot doesn’t tell us much more than it looks a bit like Konqueror. It’s also dockable.

I don’t see much value in this, but the tooltips on the taskbar are more prominent. To me that means they’re just a little more obnoxious if I happen to leave my mouse down there, but it’s not a big issue. The desktop’s right-click menus, however, are a little more organized.

For a preview of included apps, check out screens 29 through 40 (notice the inclusion of K3B in the Multimedia menu — nice!).

I’m not sure there’s anything there that will convince me to rush out and download it right away, but it looks like there’s plenty there waiting when I do upgrade or switch distros to one including the new desktop.