iPod Linux – The Future of the iPod

Linux on your iPod, can it be done? Yes, and apparently it is pretty cool to boot! I am interested in seeing something like this come to life and would love to see some other cases where this has been met with equal success. Having said this, is it worth it? I think it is sort of silly. But it is a great geek project though.

That’s right – iPod Linux. A linux-based operating system that’ll run right beside Apple’s with no problems.

A friend of mine told me about this; he came running up to me and started ranting about this awesome iPod thing that’d play numerous games and view photos. I shrugged it off, figuring he was joking, but when I got home, I googled it, found it, and installed it.

And it was nothing short of beautiful.

I downloaded the shiny, easy-to-use installer, and iPod Linux was installed within seconds. You see, the iPod Linux uses some sort of modified firmware (too complex for my 14-year-old head) that’ll run only when you tell it to. After it’s installed, you reset the iPod (by holding menu + play for a few seconds, most people already know that), and then while it’s resetting, press and hold the rewind button. A funny little picture of Tux holding an iPod comes up, and then something that scared the bejezes outta me.