New Iomega DVD Burner Makes Performance Leap To 4x Double-Layer Recording

Iomega does it again with their Super DVD Writer. With speeds reaching 4X on a DL DVD, this is actually pretty impressive. While they have achieved a great success here, with the way technologies work, it is just a matter of time before some one else comes out with that ‘better mouse trap’, thus putting this in the obsolete pile.

Iomega Corporation (NYSE: IOM), a global leader in data storage, today announced the availability of its best-performing optical drive, the Iomega Super DVD Writer 16×16 Dual-Format USB 2.0 Drive, which comes with an enhanced collection of software applications for effortlessly capturing, sharing and saving videos, music, photos and other digital data.

One Drive Does It All

The Iomega® Super DVD Writer delivers a richer user experience and looks great on the desktop. The external drive, housed in a slim black enclosure, handles all the major disc formats with speed to burn, including 4x recording of new DVD+R DL (double layer) discs. The included software speeds users through common tasks, making it easy to capture and share precious memories on long-lasting DVDs or CDs. Each 8.5GB* double layer disc holds about 34,000 photos, 160 hours of music, or 12 hours of video.**

Power and Flexibility

Iomega’s DVD Wizard launches from the desktop to help users select the appropriate software and type of disc for different tasks, whether the user is a parent putting together family movies on DVD, a student ripping a personal dance mix, a grandparent creating a digital photo album, or a business archiving 8.5GB of critical data. The DVD Wizard cuts through the disc format confusion and lets users concentrate on what they want to do with their digital data..