Score iPod photo 60GB with Accessories for Less then $449

When Apple announce their new iPod photo pricing, many were floored by the $150 price savings on the 60GB version. But at closer inspection, it was clear Apple was pulling an old Republican Party trade secret and making cuts left and right. Gone was the dock. Gone was the case. Gone was even the Firewire cable. Yup, all gone. You basically get the 60GB iPod photo and a USB 2.0 cable packaged a nice new black box with gold lettering. But still, for $449, dude, that’s a sweet deal!

But what if you really want all that other stuff? Well if you’re like me, you just nabbed the first release (model M9586LL/A) version with all the goodies yanked from the new one for $20 less! Ya, you read correctly, for a mere $461.16 after taxes (free shipping, baby!), I’m getting basically the same iPod Apple is now selling in it’s new glossy box with all the accessories you now have to purchase separately. It’s too good to be true and truth is, is probably just dumping all their old units to make room for the newer and flasher looking iPod photo box. But what’s their loss is your gain! So dude, stop reading this and grab your iPod photo Booya-Deal now!