Configure Mandatory User Profiles (XP Pro)

User profiles allow a user to keep their personalized settings so they do not have to reconfigure their computer each time they log onto the computer. However, if you want users to have a pre-configured desktop environment, you can assign a mandatory user profile. The procedure for implementing this is described below.

Your first step is to create a shared folder that will store the mandatory user profile. Open the Computer Management console on the computer that will hold the profile. Create a shared folder and assign Everyone full control. You can then proceed to the following steps that involve copying the user profile you want to become mandatory to the shared folder.

  1. Click Start and click Control Panel.
  2. Double click the System applet.
  3. Select the Advanced tab.
  4. Click the Settings button under User Profiles.
  5. Select the profile you want to use and click Copy To.
  6. Type in the path to the location of the shared folder you created before beginning these steps. Click OK.
  7. Under Permitted to use, ensure that the appropriate users are listed.
  8. Click OK.

The last step is to rename the profile you just copied to the shared folder from Ntuser.dat to