The Really Big Button That Doesn’t Do Anything

“Welcome to the most unusual artifact to be discovered on the Superhighway de la Informatique : the really big button that doesn’t do anything. Developed in early ’94, labelled as the Mystery Spot of the Internet, thousands flock to this button every day, pushing it, attempting to get it to do something; all in vain.

Many over the years have pondered the puzzling problem of the pushing, pointless button…

“I just don’t get it,” says John Andrew William Thoroughgood of Monkeyspank, RI. “I mean, it’s a button, sorta like the other piccy-links on the web, but I push it and it doesn’t do anything. It’s SUPPOSED to take me somewhere cool on the web or give me a sound file or an MPEG. But it doesn’t. I don’t get it! WHY GOD WHY?!?”