[here] Unreal Championship 2, a classic in the works?

Epic Games and Midway Games are set to unveil the sequel to the best-selling Xbox title, Unreal Championship. Instead of being a simple port of the current PC incarnation, Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict (UC2) is a new version of the famed PC first-person shooter series (think of it more or less as a spin-off ) developed exclusively for the Xbox. What’s interesting about this latest incarnation is the introduction of the third-person view in the Unreal universe.

Having a third-person view might sound a little odd at first, but after a few seconds of actual gameplay you start wondering why this new perspective wasn’t introduced earlier in the series. The third-person view adds a new melee element to the game, which taps into the fighting genre. With a quick tap, your character will go from first to third-person view where massive damage (and combos) can be achieved by using your chosen character’s hand-to-hand fighting abilities.

UC2 also features some improved online net code when compared to its predecessor. The Xbox Live portion of the title features fastpaced, intense action that’s bound to make the game an instant Xbox classic. One hopes that the final release of the game will contain more of the demo’s stellar online frame rate count, which constantly hovers around the 60 frameper- second mark.

Not only does UC2 include great online play, but it also features some interesting single player elements. For the first time in the Unreal Tournament universe, a story mode has been incorporated into the game in order to immerse gamers into what seems to be an intense fictitious romp brought forth by the Liandri Corporation. Read more…

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