Tony Blair, Spammer. Spam From 10 Downing Street?

Is Tony Blair the world’s newest political spammer? It’s looking at way, as spam claiming to be from Tony Blair has hit thousands in England.

Tony Blair’s labour party actually admits sending the e-mail, although it claims that it is not spam, and that the party did no wrong. Did Tony Blair actually hit “send?” Almost certainly not. However did Tony Blair know of the e-mail? Request it? Approve the copy? Even if not, the e-mail is “from” Tony Blair, having the name “Tony Blair” in the sender field, and, as they say in politics, the buck stops there. Or at least it should.

The e-mail starts out with “Dear Labour Supporter,” but many of the people who received the spam are not only not supporters of England’s Labour party, but are actively members of other parties. Such as Liberal Democrat MP Richard Allan. Allan, and many others, did not ever sign up to receive the e-mail from Tony Blair, or any other member of the British Labour party.

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