Key to Windows-to-Linux Migration

Migration is a big job anyplace. But moving from Windows to Linux provides for both a learning curve and a compatibility challenge. One way to help curb these sorts of challenges is to make sure you plan well ahead of time. For some, it means postponing, for others it may mean burning the midnight oil in an effort to get your plan in place.

The role of Alacos is often likened to being “the aspirin of the IT world,” Luis Aguilar Lemarroy, VP of technology and development for migration specialists Alacos, told SYS-CON group publisher Jeremy Geelan in an interview with SYS-CON.TV ( at Web Services Edge 2005 in Boston.

Alacos, based in Seattle, develops state of the art migration software and provides professional Linux migration assessment and consulting and has spent the last 18 months developing a robust software program to automate and manage desktop and server migration.

“The program saves businesses and individuals time and money through increased efficiency,” said Aguilar, who pointed out that the factors involved in a successful migration include eliminating fear of change among the executives concerned, assuring them that the transition will be smooth and the result will be a better system.

“A lot of corporations ask us when is Linux going to be ready for the enterprise,” he added. “But I always say, well when was Windows ever ready for the enterprise?”