World’s First Wi-Fi Deployment on City Buses

Finally, a reason to ride the bus besides saving on the gas bill! Yes, it seems that residents of Cerritos, CA will soon have a new reason to bring their notebooks on the bus with them. I have to laugh though because in my town (a smaller one mind you), the likelihood of having your notebook punked from your backpack is quite high just as soon as you get it out and start typing.

Aiirmesh Communications, a high-speed wireless Internet service provider deploying the latest in 802.11/Wi-Fi and pre-WiMAX technologies, today announced that on March 31 it will launch a pilot program to provide Wi-Fi access for the Cerritos on Wheels (COW) public transportation system in the City of Cerritos, CA, according to Aiirmesh Communications CEO, Tony Esfandiari.

Almost a year ago, Aiirmesh unwired the entire 8.6 square miles of the City of Cerritos by providing broadband Internet service and has since expanded network coverage into surrounding cities of Artesia, La Palma, La Mirada, Bellflower, Lakewood, Buena Park and Norwalk to total more than 40 square miles with its newly upgraded pre-WiMAX network. The service is being marketed to businesses and residents in these cities as wireless Broadband with the added advantage of inter-city roaming available in all selected outdoor hotzones. Pricing for the services are comparable to offerings by major broadband providers in the nation.