Create a Custom Live Linux CD

If you have a good handle on the Linux, then perhaps you are ready for that next step – rolling your own live cd. Yup, that was not a typo, folks. With the help of this article, you too will be able to roll your own cd and amaze your friends with your ‘mad-skills’.

These steps will show you how to create a functioning Linux system, with the latest 2.6 kernel compiled from source, and how to integrate the BusyBox utilities including the installation of DHCP. Plus, how to compile in the OpenSSH package. The system will have full ssh capabilities. The techniques for compiling and installing software can be universally applied to your own packages. So, once you understand the process, you are free to recreate your own system — there is a lot of free space.

On system boot-up a filesystem will be created and the contents from the CD will be uncompressed and completely loaded into RAM — the CD could be removed at this point for boot-up on a second computer. You can take over any PC assuming you have configured the kernel with the appropriate drivers and the PC can boot from a CD.