T-Mobile MDA IV

Sort of part tablet, part PDA, the T-Mobile MDA IV is definitely one of a kind. Having said this, I am not convinced that this is the sort of style that would meet my needs personally though. Regardless, it is something that I would not mind checking out closer though.

To be quite honest with you, these early product launches are starting to get on my nerves. These days, it seems a number of manufacturers and mobile network operators have decided that the earlier they can create buzz about a new and upcoming device, the better, and to hell with actually having something tangible beyond a plastic dummy and hurting sales of currently available devices.

When T-Mobile’s MDA IV was unveiled not long ago, this was yet one of those cases where the above mentioned prove true – but fortunately, the operator had the wits about it to show the MDA IV in a switched on state here at CeBIT 2005, albeit tucked away out of reach behind a glass cover.