The Search For Search Strategies

The Search For Search Strategies – At Yahoo, Bradley Horowitz says, “We see an opportunity in helping users manage their personal information. So our desktop search product is not really about the desktop; it’s not about where the content is on your hard drive versus on a public-facing Web site. It’s really about the user’s relationship to that content.” At Google, Dipchand “Deep” Nishar says the company’s mission is to expand the amount of information available to searchers, since only 5% of the world’s content is accessible on the Web, and huge numbers of articles, images, and other types of data are still locked away from Internet users. At MSN, Mark Kroese agrees that more
personalized search products, and ones that enable search in places other than the Web, represent the next frontier: “Between Microsoft and Yahoo, we all have similar strategies. It’s really going to be about great execution. In Web search, it’s going to be really easy to always tab over to another search. In desktop search, I don’t think anyone here is going to want more than one indexer on their hard drive.” At Ask Jeeves, Rahul Lahiri says that improving the specificity of search results is the key to improving users’ experience, because “at the end of the day” the user wants an answer — not thousands of answers. At Xerox, Information Group, Hervé Gallaire agrees: “I believe there may be means to look at results, removing most of
the answers from the inquiry that you get” — and getting to the “right” answer faster.