Traceless v1.16

Traceless is a privacy cleaner for Internet Explorer that can delete common Internet tracks, including history, cache, typed URLs, cookies, and more. It allows you to keep a list of cookies based on keywords found in the name so that they are never deleted during cleanup operations. The cleanup can be run manually, or automated either on a schedule (day, time) or whenever Windows starts. In addition, Traceless can also maintain your browser homepage settings. A small and easy to use tool that performs a basic cleanup with the added convenience of getting it done automatically.

[1625K] [Win98/Me/2k/XP] [FREE] [SnapFiles]

While you are surfing the net, Web sites and companies are placing cookies in your computer to track where you have been and what you have visited. All the Web sites you have visited are logged and listed in your Internet history.

People and organizations can see what you have been doing. Protect your privacy with Traceless. Traceless is one of a kind, boasting outstanding features while being 100% Freeware.

Version 1.16 improves upon this already popular privacy solution. Try it for yourself today!