Go DJ! Go DJ! Go DJ!

With the success of the iPod, many other manufacturers have jumped into the game with an assortment of accessories. One of the widest field of these are cases. They range from tight fitting skins made from various colors that look like they fell out of a box of Trix, to hard protective cases that anyone building a freeway could feel good about their iPod surviving a fall from their belt clip.

Another type of case one can find is the leather case. These come in a large variety and add a touch of sophistication that the others lack. But if you prefer to stand out with your sophistication, then Vaja will make your iPod scream. One of the screamers is the iVod DJ and it takes the same twist that Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-R’s have, retro-to-the-record. Going beyond protecting your iPod, Vaja, well known for their premium leather cases, have added another layer of protection onto the ClickWheel. Adding flavor to that protection, Vaja has made the round multi-function wheel look like an actual vinyl LP with grooves and all! It’s so real looking, it almost makes you want to start “scratching” your music from the get-go. 🙂 But we know all you out there won’t abuse this protective surface and only use it for it’s true purpose: advertisement for the coolest looking iPod leather case.