Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool v2.0

From the Train Station March 2005 Edition: “The Exchange Best Practice Analyzer is a new utility offered by Microsoft that scans your entire network and finds performance and security issues arising with your Exchange servers. It collects information and settings from each server and then applies rules, which are located in a configuration file, against the settings to find any issues. This configuration file can be automatically updated from Microsoft when ExBPA is started. This will guarantee you are scanning your network with the most up to date check. One of the best features of ExBPA is that it is able to perform this scan using minimal resources from the servers themselves. ExBPA can be run on any client computer as long as the user has administrative rights over the domain. This allows the computations to be performed on that client’s CPU, saving valuable resources on the servers.”

Full article: Does your Exchange Server open holes in your security?

Overview and Resources for the Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool

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