Remote Data Storage Made Easy!

Welcome to Just Ask Matt! Today, Tim writes:

I am interested in a good, reliable data retrieval solution. I have thought about looking into PC Anywhere or something like that, but I have no real need for that much access to my home PC. Where can I get decent offsite data storage for a reasonable price?

Well, Tim, my first thought is to look into Xdrive. While keeping in mind that remote access storage can get pricey, I feel that this is the best option out there. For the individual, you can get 5 gigs for $9.95 per month. If there is need for a ‘virtual network’ of sorts, then they can help you out there starting at $99.95 per month for up to 5 users. Now before you go jumping into anything, Xdrive does offer a free trial period. Speaking for myself, I would take advantage of this before getting too carried away.

There are a variety of similar options out there if you wish to talk to friends or associates that have some ideas for you. Speaking for myself, I’d go with Xdrive. I just like where it is coming from. That and the pricing is within the realm of reality for most people and businesses. Hope this helps!

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