PSP—What’s All the Fuss About?

So what is all the fuss about the Sony PSP? Well, according to people that I have spoken to; it is like having a PS2 in your hands. Yes folks, it really looks that good. I can see this as being a major problem for Nintendo if they don’t react very quickly.

I must admit, I’m as entranced by the new Sony PlayStation Portable as the next guy. I’ve even acquired a bit of firsthand knowledge, as I was lucky enough to carry a Japanese version around for a week.

Yes, I do think it’s going to redefine handheld gaming. But it’s not going to be as popular or as successful as everyone claims. If Sony’s expecting an iPod killer, this isn’t it. Here’s what I see as the good and the not-so-good in Sony’s latest platform.

Screen: A standout display, for sure. It’s big, wide, and captivating. Colors are rich and detailed. Response rates seemed superb while I was playing Ridge Racer. But there’s a downside to all those pulsating pixels, too. First, Sony opted for a very reflective coating. This makes the image look great, but also turns the screen into a mirror in bright light. Even in lower light, the reflections can become annoying in some situations. Don’t plan on taking it hiking; this is not a player for the great outdoors.

Graphics: Far better than the competition’s, the graphics engine made the smallish screen look much bigger. Although some of the early titles probably won’t take advantage of all the power, Ridge Racer at least looked fantastic.