Northern Light’s Market Intelligence Centers

Market Intelligence Centers provide an overview of selected industries and business trends, with a detailed picture of market segments, issues, breaking news, companies, and government regulatory actions. Their editors scour the Web and their Business Research Engine for authoritative news, analysis and commentary, and useful resources to create a concise, easy-to-navigate market intelligence site for an industry. Daily updates and dynamic content keep the information up-to-date. They will be adding new industries weekly, so check back from time to time if your industry is not already listed below. Note that Northern Light’s Market Intelligence Centers are available free of charge to enterprise and individual subscribers to their Business Research Engine. Visitors who are not subscribers are invited to browse the Market Intelligence Centers but are not able to view the full-text of the selected articles or execute the Live Queries unless you choose to subscribe to the Business Research Engine. Free trials are available, just follow the links at the bottom of their page. This has been addded to Business Intelligence Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog. This will be added to Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations 2005 Internet MiniGuide.