Podcasting 2.0

Well, folks, I just got the official word from the folks at My RSS Creator that you can now use their RSS feed creation service to ‘Podcast’ data other than MP3s. Apparently, they have had success with a number of RSS aggregators and it is looking promising to be sure.

Speaking for myself, I am going to give this a tryout myself once my schedule clears up some. I think it could be really fun to have this as an option. Imagine offering a Podcast of video media and other types of files to those who subscribe to your feeds! While I am sure that there are other people working this direction, this is the first company offering RSS feed creation that I have seen to allow Podcasting support with this much support. I would really encourage you to check it out.

In other news, I just read that Microsoft is working on some new security features in hopes of keeping your personal data more secure from those who might decide to use your personal info against you. The new technology is called info-cards. Apparently the idea is to give the control over data back to the user.

This sounds like a great idea, but I would not put all my trust into any sort of technology. While new ways of keeping things secure are certainly important, I will always remain a little skeptical as it is proving easier and easier to break through any sort of security measures these days.

Still, you have to admire Microsoft for the effort, at least. It is better to try to be proactive than just waiting around for some sort of security breach. Now one thing that I think is totally undeniable is that people – not software – are the biggest part of making sure that things are secure. Being responsible with your personal information is just as important as making sure you are using all the resources at your disposal to protect your important information.

Let’s get digital!