GimpShop Linux port by

A hack for Gimp to give it that Photoshop feel? Why not? I am someone who happens to feel more at home in Photoshop, but would rather do my work in Gimp. Perhaps this hack is the answer we need!

I saw GimpShop here. Its a personal hack from the sourcecode of GIMP a Gnu Image Manipulation Tool a.k.a graphics editor.

So whats Difference between Gimpshop and Gimp, well if you go to Gimpshop creator Scott moschella’s site. there are nice discription, how he made layout matching of options available in GIMP to Adobe’s Photoshop.

Posting comparitive screenshots between Adobe Photoshop and GimpShop (taken from Scott’s site).

Adobe PhotoshopGimp

Gimp tool menu gimpSHOP’s tool menu

But scott only builded Binary for Mac platform and said in his article that he doesnt has access to a pc and was looking for people to port it on Linux. So i didnt waste anytime and compiled it on my Fedora Core 2 server 😀 and here is it. the download link of the rpm >> [Get the links]