Free A64 3200+ Processors: – Really, no kidding!

This is not a joke, really! It seems that there is a giveaway in which you could land yourself a AMD 3200+ processor if you play your cards right! Speaking for myself, I know I could use one as my 2800 is becoming kind of dated. Check it out for yourself…

I am reposting this from yesterday, this is NOT an April Fool’s Day joke. Since I havenít done a giveaway in a while I thought I would round up a handful of Athlon64 3200+ processors and give one away to you guys each day (free) for the next four days. Head on over to my alter-ego site Hypothermia and enter your name to win. So rest easy, it isn’t a prank….now, go win something!!

We will be giving away a total of five Athlon64 3200+ socket 939 processors over the next week. I will chose one winner a day for the next 5 days and announce all the winners next Friday. [Get the links]