Gateway Launches Widescreen Mobile Workstations

Cool, but is it really practical? Eh, I say go for it! With the price remaining on planet Earth and all, I really see no harm in splurging a little bit. Then again, I love anything tech related!

Irvine-based Gateway launched a new laptop computer yesterday, a new 17-inch notebook PC which the company bills as a Mobile Workstation. The company’s new M680 notebook PC is based on Intel Centrino Mobile CPUs, ATI RADEON X700 PCI Express video graphics, and weights 7.7 lbs in a 1.24 inch thick package. The company also launched a laptop with a 15.4-inch screen, the M360, targeted at the value segment of the market and starting at $849.99. The new models are lighter and thinner than the company’s previous models, with the M680 weighing a pound less than its predecessor, the M675. The M680 is the company’s high end, high performance notebook and is targeted at business and high end consumers. The M680 starts at $1399. [Get the links]