Can I change the return address of my MSN Hotmail mail?

Dave, I see that you are an expert on Microsoft’s MSN Hotmail service. Can you tell me whether there’s any way I can configure my Hotmail account so that when I send mail from that account, it has a different ‘reply to’ address? That’d be super helpful and keep me with Hotmail!

I’m an expert now, eh? Ah, I guess so, even though I still prefer the simple and elegant Gmail interface over MSN Hotmail.

There is indeed a way that you can configure your Hotmail account so that messages sent out have a different return address, rather than your Hotmail address. Be warned, however, that this won’t completely mask your use of Hotmail: anyone reasonably savvy will be able to view the mail headers and recognize that it was sent from a Hotmail account because it’ll still have your Hotmail address as the “from”.

So let’s solve your problem!

To set a different return address, click on…

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