Getting Older Games To Run On Windows XP

This is an article from Microsoft’s Windows Platform News newsletter that I felt could stand a wider distribution. I’ve found lots of good stuff via the newsletter, over time. It’s free (of course) and well worth subscribing to.

Joel Durham, Jr.,Windows XP Expert Zone Community Columnist writes:

Unless you’re a fresh-faced, glistening newbie to the gaming world, you’ve probably got a stack of titles on a shelf that you never play anymore. They might include old hits like MechWarrior 2, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Doom II, NHL 99, and a slew of other titles.

And on a rainy day, you might want to actually load one up and run it for old time’s sake. Then you’ll discover that loading and running one of these relics is far from easy. The sound is screwy. The game crashes on startup. You get inexplicable error messages. What’s going on?

Running MS-DOS- and Windows 9x-based games on Windows XP can be tricky. But with some experimentation, knowledge of compatibility options, and luck, you can get at least some of those glorious older games to run happily on Windows XP…

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