Proof is in the Taurus

If you’ve ever wondered if that guy on the Verizon Wireless commercials is how they really check their signal connection, then you’ve been watching a little too many movies like Swordfish. That’s not how it’s done. In fact, the way it is done is kinda boring for most, but way cool for the geek inside many of us techie’s. MobileTracker has a behind the scenes of how Verizon Wireless checks their signal and those of their competition. With equipment galore stuffed into a the wagon of a Ford Taurus, many things are tested and heard but one thing you’ll never hear is, “Can you hear me now?”

Dropped calls for Verizon Wireless are pretty rare these days, with some months of testing seeing none. I saw a report from February and it showed one dropped call for Verizon Wireless for the month (and it was in the middle of the Howard Franklin bridge over Tampa Bay). Most other carries have a few more, but percentage wise it’s mostly insignificant. Verizon Wireless also uses testing teams like Levy to check out dead spots that have been reported by customers. [Full Text]