Linux appeal grows as applications flourish

There is no question that part of the most recent success that Linux has seen in recent years stems from all of the great new apps being released. But the 2.6 kernel was the real catalyst I think and will hopefully pave the way for better plug and play support.

Open-source operating systems will not spread unless users have applications to run on them. As Linux matures and customers more seriously consider adopting it and its cousins, developers are constructing programs that increase the operating system’s appeal.

This snowball effect is contributing to the rising profile of open standards. Some applications are entirely open source, and their code is available for developers to examine and improve. Others are proprietary systems designed to run on open-source platforms. In either format, such applications add versatility and usefulness to the operating systems.

The December 2003 release of the Linux 2.6 kernel erased many of the impediments that had limited Linux, said Derek Rodner, senior program manager of Linux enterprise server marketing at Unisys. [Read the rest]