Microsoft executive takes to the road to battle Linux

Proving once again, that Microsoft is very concerned as Open Source software spreads like wildfire. What am I talking about? Why Kevin Johnson of MS taking to the road to in order to curb any misinformation and show the world that he believes that Microsoft software is still the best product line for all.

Microsoft has paid billions of dollars to make antitrust and unfair trade litigation go away, even as it endured waves of attacks by hackers and virus writers exposing its products’ securities flaws.
But still ahead is the biggest challenge facing the global software giant’s bid to become a more open, responsive, customer-centered enterprise worthy of continued operating system dominance.

Once ignored as a squeaky fringe, the “open source” community and its champion, the freely distributed Linux operating system, have come into their own. No longer a plaything of geeks, Linux has grown marketplace teeth in its battle with Microsoft’s long-dominant Windows.
That’s where Kevin Johnson comes in.
Rather than manning the parapets of Fortress Microsoft in Redmond, Wash., content to exact its overwhelming market share while would-be competitors contemplate the moat, Microsoft’s group vice president for worldwide sales, marketing and services is on the attack.
“I spend about 50 percent of my time traveling in the field,” said Johnson, who stopped Monday in Salt Lake City. “The customers and partners we work with are very important to us.” [Read the rest]