The Dumbest Technology Of 2005

This dumb technology is not your Granny’s PIE! Unlike the kind that you might eat during the holidays, this PIE is comparable to cookies on crack! Check it out for yourself.

It’s early to be talking about the dumbest technology of 2005. But United Virtualities has set a mark that it’s going to be tough for other vendors to beat.

United Virtualities makes technology that allows marketers to un-delete cookies that users have chosen to delete. Their rationale and I am not making this up is that users are too dumb to make these decisions on their own.

As reported by TechWeb’s Antone Gonsalves, United Virtualities has developed what it calls a Persistent Identification Element, or PIE (get it? cookies? pie?), which gets uploaded to a user’s browser when he visits a site. PIE makes a backup copy of that site’s cookies, and if a user deletes the cookies, PIE restores them. [Read the rest]