Panasonic’s New Plasma, LCD VIERA Lineup

Pretty, oh so pretty! Yes, I am referring to the TV, not the woman included from the photo in the article I am talking about. Anyway, Panasonic has just introduced their VIERA line of Plasmas to the market. To be honest, I would be interested in seeing the public response to the news. Could prove interesting.

Panasonic has introduced three new plasma and six new LCD TVs in Japan, all of which are in the VIERA line. Scheduled to be released on May 1st, the plasmas will be available in 50, 42 and 37 inch sizes, and the LCDs in 32, 26, 23 and 19 inch sizes. The most expensive set is 650,000 yen, and the cheapest 160,000 yen — I’ll let you guess which models those correspond to. A point of interest for the plasma panels is the new “PEAKS” driver, resulting in a pretty nice 3,000:1 contrast ratio. There wasn’t any mention of PEAKS being used on the LCDs. Also, the commercial image character for the new VIERAs will be Koyuki (of “Last Samurai” fame). [Get the links]